Our Services

The O'Toole Law Group will focus entirely on healthcare information technology (HIT).

Although William O'Toole has sound experience in many areas of the law, he is concentrating his extensive HIT knowledge exclusively to deliver service to healthcare entities in their HIT acquisitions and ongoing HIT operations.

Managing the HIT acquisition process can be extremely time consuming for healthcare CIOs. Let O'Toole Law Group be your manager.

We will handle all your HIT negotiations with dedication and utmost integrity.

For those healthcare entities with stable legacy systems, having us review your standing agreements for possible updating or renegotiation may produce cost savings over the long term.

O'Toole Law Group has experience with MEDITECH that cannot be matched by any other law firm on the planet. For those considering a MEDITECH MAGIC to client server migration, retaining O'Toole Law Group will provide great benefit.

Many large healthcare organizations know the experience William O'Toole provided in structuring effective agreements for extremely complex multi-site licensing arrangements. His knowledge about the requirements of customers seeking to roll out software implementations for multiple sites in a multi-year project is second to none.

Many governmental hospitals in the United States and Canada have benefited from O'Toole’s perseverance and dedication, demonstrated many times in a successful conclusion after both sides had all but given up hope. O'Toole Law Group can now provide that same level of service directly to your hospital.

Founder William O'Toole stands among the most experienced and successful negotiators in the HIT industry. Coupling that ability with an unmatched knowledge of the needs of HIT customers puts him in a class by himself.

Retaining the O'Toole Law Group for any HIT acquisition, extension or renegotiation with any HIT vendor will prove to be a wise decision, one you will never regret.

Experience the O'Toole Law Group’s experience.