About O'Toole Law Group

After decades of experience with MEDITECH, William O'Toole now is putting his vast experience to use serving the healthcare industry directly. Through dealings with hospitals and their associated vendors and advisors, O'Toole has compiled a knowledge base that is second to none. Rarely has such an opportunity arisen. O'Toole’s former corporate counsel position, if not his name alone, are known throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond.

O'Toole’s goal is to establish a presence in the industry starting with a moderate overhead high-result service. He strongly believes that by offering his services at a moderate hourly (or package) rate, the O'Toole Law Group will thrive and healthcare organizations will benefit.

A quarterly report is planned which will provide commentary on items of interest to healthcare organizations.

The network of friendships and professional associations that O'Toole has established in his career are commendable. It is fair to suggest that for any significant HIT investment by any size healthcare organization, a call to the O'Toole Law Group is a must (and should be on the “to do” list).

The establishment of the O'Toole Law Group is an exciting venture, one contemplated by Bill at times during his rewarding career at MEDITECH. To be clear, Bill views this as an opportunity for himself (and his family) and for the thousands of organizations that seek professional, reliable, commendable service as they invest in their futures. Bill is a great (so he says) husband and proud father of five wonderful children. He enjoys the academic, musical, athletic and spiritual accomplishments of Jacqueline (his wife), Katherine, Elisabeth, Will, David and Christopher.

The son of a prominent physician who selected MEDITECH to deliver a laboratory information system in 1969, O'Toole’s experience in HIT began at age 12, when he “helped” his father troubleshoot a situation in the middle of the night. Bill recalls searching endlessly through a sea of printouts on wide greenbar paper…though he had no idea what he was doing at the time. From that point on he was hooked. It is fair to say that HIT is his professional life ambition. What a great beginning. What a wonderful 25-year first career. What a promising future with the O'Toole Law Group. Experience his experience.